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Conducting Workplace Investigations
Author: Greg Romeo
A handy guide for employers and employees on what steps should be taken to make sure an internal workplace investigation is conducted fairly. Read More »

Out of Hours – And In Trouble?
Author: Greg Romeo
A look at the law as it relates to out of hours conduct by employees and whether this conduct can be relied upon by an employer to discipline an employee. Read More »

Can My Employer Relocate My Employment?
Author: Greg Romeo
A study of the remedies available if your employer decides to relocate your job. Read More »

Returning to Work After Pregnancy
Author: Greg Romeo
Negotiating family and work is hard – but deciding to return to work shouldn’t be. This article studies the provisions of the Fair Work Act that aim to help women return to work after the birth of a child.Read More »

Five Ways To Negotiate a Better Employment Contract
Author: Greg Romeo
We are not all master negotiators. Luckily, there are some helpful tips that can help all employees try and negotiate a better deal. Read More »

How Do Restraint of Trade Clauses Work?
Author: Joseph Kelly
Restraint of Trade clauses are a common feature of employment contracts. They are also very hard to draft well and even harder to enforce. This article gives a brief overview of what to look for. Read More »

Why Do I Need a Support Person?
Author: Joseph Kelly
At some time in our work life we will be called into a meeting with our employer and asked to bring a support person. This article looks at the role of a support person and answers whether you should bring one to your meeting. Read More »


Articles About Kelly Workplace Lawyers.

Fair Work Commission gets $1.4 million to expand free legal advice service for unrepresented businesses
Published: February 12, 2019

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) will get $1.4 million in extra government funding for a service providing free legal advice about workplace issues to “eligible” small-business owners. Read More>>

$52,000 fine for denying new mother "fundamental entitlement"
Published: 27 July 2016
Roy Morgan Research Ltd has been fined $52,000 for denying a director's request for flexible hours following her return from maternity leave, before then making her redundant. Read More »

Making new mother redundant was adverse action: Court
Published: 15 February 2016 2:50pm
Roy Morgan Research Ltd took adverse action against a director who sought to return to work after maternity leave when it refused her request for flexible working hours and instead brought forward her redundancy, the Federal Circuit Court has found. Read More »

Big adverse action payout for "not a good look" pregnant worker
Published: 2 May 2014
A photographer allegedly told by the owners of a family-run business that she would not be able to take photos or work with clients while heavily pregnant because it would not be "a good look" has been awarded more than $235,000 in compensation and penalties. Read More »

Beauty and the Geek contestant wins adverse action claim
Published: 19 November 2012 4:54pm
In an important ruling on the weight HR practitioners should accord to medical certificates, a court has today reinstated a weather observer who was dismissed for planning to appear on a reality television program while absent on sick leave for anxiety and traumatic stress. Read More »

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