Kelly Workplace Lawyers specialise in award underpayments and work closely with Mark Irving SC, a leading barrister in employment law. Together we offer an economical solution to your underpayment issues by offering our services on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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While almost all employees can find a number minimum entitlements within the Fair Work Act, they might actually be owed amounts over those numbers.

Modern Awards, if one applies to your role, apply a better set of minimum standards than the Fair Work Act, that better suit the particular requirements of your industry. Importantly, Awards usually set higher minimum wages for particular classifications of jobs within an industry.

You can therefore be underpaid if your employer:

  • is applying the incorrect Award; or
  • is not paying the minimum wage as set by the applicable Award; or
  • have under-classified your role and, as a result, are underpaying you.

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We also work closely with trade unions and can offer a mutually beneficial strategy for both employee and union in underpayment claims.