Independent contracting is an ever-expanding form of workplace engagement. Kelly Workplace Lawyers has had a long history in providing sound commercial advice to independent contractors nationally.

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We can assist independent contractors in many ways:

  • Drafting and reviewing Service Agreements;
  • Pursuing payment of invoices;
  • Advising on common law and taxation liabilities;
  • Drafting and reviewing Partnership Agreements;
  • Drafting and reviewing Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Advising on intellectual property rights;
  • Advising on restraint of trade;
  • Advising on State and Federal laws that cover independent contractors.

It might also be the case that an employer is trying to characterise you as a contractor but where you are being treated as an employee (called “sham contracting”). An employer might do this in order to escape the Fair Work Act employee entitlements and other liabilities such as superannuation and insurance. In these instances, we can assist in properly characterising you as an employee and in seeking your entitlements as an employee.