Where your employer schedules a meeting to raise allegations relating to conduct, performance or capacity, you have the right to bring a support person.

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It is extremely useful to have a support person with strong legal knowledge present. We may:

  • Inform you of your rights;
  • Put your employer on notice that a person with the relevant knowledge will be present, forcing a more careful consideration of the issues they may have;
  • Provide evidence of the meeting in affidavit form in the event the matters are escalate to litigation,
  • Negotiate on your behalf, noting the employer’s behaviour, which may amount to an unfair dismissal, genuine redundancy, general protections and other claims.
  • Reading all the relevant correspondence;
  • Meeting with you to discuss the best strategy for dealing with the meeting;
  • Taking detailed notes during the meeting;
  • Making sure you stay on message during the meeting and asking for breaks when you need them;
  • Writing to the employer after the meeting to confirm outcomes; and
  • Providing you with a set of meeting notes.